Commitment to civic agency

Working with true greens definitely served a purpose in ensuring that people were being connected to the work we did during the semester. The sole purpose of the project was to support local growing initiatives so that students on campus could have access to micro greens that were grown right on campus. Whether or not people understand why this is important and the purpose behind our work, it was a start in introducing this to students to open their awareness of eating fresh and nutritious greens. It is redefining the way we eat as mass consumers in America, in order to awaken to some of the harsh realities of our current food system. Introducing micro-greens to UMBC diner is also introducing questions for people to pose. What are micro-greens? Why should I try them? Who grows them, and why? This is the way we begin to spark change is by first educating. And, sometimes the best way to do so is to offer a tangible medium for people to experience themselves.

Growing micro greens is not just beneficial for myself, but it something to be shared with the surrounding community. That was our role with True Greens as a producer. Our work was to be translated as an opportunity for students and community members to understand what it means to eat local, and why this is important for our earth and the people who live in it.  Our work can be seen as a commitment to democracy, as we create an alternative to large food corporations who seem to have the American food system dangling on a thread. Not to sound cliche, but until we get the big push we need from our current generation to make a shift in the food system…. that is exactly what we are doing…. dangling on a thread.

– Erika Bishoff


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