Having People’s Well-Being in Mind

The Hungry Harvest initiative gives students an opportunity to secure healthier food options. Today I had a conversation with some friends about food on campus, and one of them referred to the campus as a “desert”, unaware that that is a real term in food justice discourse communities. He used that word to describe just how much effort/money is required to have nutritious food on a regular basis here. A meal (valued at about $6) can be spent on an entire meal of chicken tenders, french fries, and a drink, or it can be spent on a small cup of grapes and melons. Most students prioritize reducing the feeling of hunger over nutritional value. And with many residential students being without a car, they have to make do with what is available on campus.

Hungry Harvest gives us another option: to receive weekly produce delivered directly to the campus. The standard meal options on campus honestly makes me wonder how much our long-term health is considered. Many of the options are pretty much fast food. HH could bring a new dimension to the campus’ community, connecting people of all different backgrounds with the common interest of maintaining their personal health with quality, nourishing food.

But not only does Hungry Harvest have students well-being in mind, it also supports external families in need and reduces the disposal of good food, which, to me, makes the company particularly special. I am happy to have been a part of the Hungry Harvest initiative on campus and really do hope we can make it a long-term success here at UMBC.

My final project is marketing collateral that explains specifically what HH at UMBC will be like.


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