Why I’d like to get involved in the food system

I joined the INDS 430- Food Systems class because of the value I place on having access and knowledge of good food. I am one of the fortunate people who cannot identify personally with deep hunger, and feel very fortunate to be able to say that. Through my own personal experiences and relationships however, I can relate to the deep harm from processed and fast foods, and the deep need that people worldwide have for better nutrition. I value nutrition because it is the building block of so many other things. And when we’re informed about that we can have great health, energy, mood, and food. These aspects affect other important daily aspects of life like work, school and family. I am considering working in the True Greens and West Village Farmer’s Market. I could see that both of these projects would make me truly deeply glad. In the case of True Greens, I would have a chance to get my hands dirty and really connect with the food. The West Village Farmer’s Market would allow me to link that connection with customers and producers in an underserved area.


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