First Post

My deep gladness comes from gardening and teaching others how to grow food. I think the world’s deep hunger is for freedom and community. In my opinion both freedom and community start in the garden. The projects that have been presented over the last two weeks have gotten me extremely excited for this semester. It is so refreshing to meet so many passionate people who are determined to make a difference in the food system. All of the projects are addressing different aspects of the problems we face with the current food system. My main question when listening to all of the different projects was, are we getting at the source of the problem? The answer that came to me, is that all of the projects are pieces to the solution. My next question was how to we incorporate all these projects with one another? Because while I think that capturing food waste to be redistributed to people in need is a fantastic idea, is it getting at the source of the problem? People that are able to receive food from the hungry harvest are still dependent on others for their sustenance as well as people going to the farmers market. I am not in any way saying that these projects shouldn’t exist, as I said before I think they are all necessary. However, I believe in order to create a more sustainable food system we need to educate more people on how to grow their own food. This will create autonomy in communities and inspire people. Moving earth and planting seeds to watch them grow to full maturity, nursing them along the way, until finally you are able to harvest all of your hard work is an incredibly empowering experience. The feeling is overwhelming and quite contagious. People that grow their own food are inspired by the bounty of their hard work and want to share it with others. I hope that all of our projects can come together, and I look forward to working with you all.

Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and passions. I found all of the post to be moving!



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