Eating Wholesome.

One day while watching the Food Network, I couldn’t help but feel horrible. I enviously looked as the chefs created colorful palettes, filled with crisp greens, bright oranges, and deep reds. Then I glumly stared at the flattened cheeseburger sitting on my plate, grease oozing from the grey-brown beef patty. Like anyone else, I wanted my food to nourish me, to make me stronger. Instead it sat in the depths of my stomach, weighing me down like the textbooks in any overachieving student’s backpack.

I wanted to live healthy, but didn’t know how. Rather, I thought the only way I could be healthy and enjoy it was if I could suddenly whip up a gourmet meal. But I was overlooking the simple things. Like how a ripe orange could give me a burst of energy and even still leave a pleasant citrus aroma on my fingertips. Stepping away from the ease and instant comfort of  chemically processed food was (and still is) difficult, but is highly satisfying. Most of my warmest memories have been centered around meals with fresh, Earth-grown vegetables and fruits. In my life, wholesome meals have always fostered wholesome conversations and paved an avenue for cultures, values, and experiences to be shared. I think deep down we all crave simple things. I hope that encouraging people to look toward and sustain simple and clean food will foster a sense of harmony within ourselves, with others, and perhaps with the Earth itself.


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