Mmm Milk…

We have distanced ourselves from the source of food. We don’t even know what real food is anymore. Like REAL food. I have never even tasted raw unpasteurized milk or butter and I have legit FOMO over it. When we see packaged, skinless, all-white meat chicken breasts in the grocery store sealed, clean, and pink we rarely associate the animal that used own that body. Some people will eat a hamburger but aren’t willing to watch a cow or chicken get slaughtered. I think that in pushing ourselves away from the real and messy world of food production we are also moving away from our connections to the earth as an animate, fluid organism. The connections we make, to each other, to the earth, to our food, to ourselves is what is really important. What I hope to bring to this class and the projects I choose are my knowledge and passion for the beauty of food and what it can do for our bodies and the ways it can bring people together. Of course by working with others with similar passions we can feed off of each others energy and creativity and that is what I am most excited about this semester.


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